MacGruber Red Band Trailer is Awesomely Crude and Funny-ish

Rogue Pictures has released the first trailer for their upcoming SNL skit turned movie “MacGruber”, starring Will Forte as a MacGyver type who is called back into action when a dastardly Val Kilmer threatens the world with some dangerous weapon or some such evil villainy. Basically, it’s a lot of cussing, some male nudity, and Ryan Phillippe playing the straight man. Lots of deadpan humor in this one, too, and it’s looking a lot cruder than I thought it would. We’re talking definite Rated R here, unless this red band trailer is stitched together from outtakes that won’t be in the movie, which is unlikely. And oh yeah, Kristen Wiig is also incredibly cute as the female lead. Directed by Jorma Taccone.

MacGruber saves the day April 23, 2010.