MacGyver Movie Gets a Writer, Probably Won’t be Campy

“MacGyver”, not to be mistaken with his SNL counterpart “MacGruber” (which just happens to be opening in theaters today), originally aired on TV in the ’80s and starred Richard Dean Anderson as a highly resourceful secret agent working for some secret foundation stopping bad people from doing bad things. Each episode usually found MacGyver stuck in some precarious situation that required his ability to instantly jerry-rig some contraption out of the blue to save the day. The running gag was that MacGyver could make a nuclear bomb out of some paper clips and gum.

A “MacGyver” movie has been whispered about for a while now, but nothing really concrete has happened in the development until now. Risky Business reports that New Line Cinema has now hired screenwriter Jason Richman to adapt the action-adventure TV show into a feature-length movie. Richman’s past credits include “Bangkok Dangerous” and “Bad Company”, so hiring him may indicate that New Line is going with a serious adaptation of the TV show and not something campy, as is the trend nowadays.

Of course, you have to wonder how “MacGruber’s” success (or lack thereof) at the box office over the weekend will impact a “MacGyver” movie, if any. It’s always kind of hard to go back to being serious when there’s already a major motion picture out there parodying you.

This bomb? Made from duct tape and an old tennis shoe. Dude is good.