MacGyver The Movie Is Coming

“MacGyver: The Movie”? Hey, why not. They’re already well underway on doing a “Magnum P.I.” movie, so why not give the Jack-of-all-trades his own movie? Who doesn’t want to see a guy make a nuke out of a piece of chewing gum and paper clips? I know I do! According to Lee David Zlotoff, the creator of the MacGyver TV show, a movie version is in the planning stages, and he should know, since he has the rights to it.

Gizmodo has the good news:

Zlotoff mentioned he somehow ended up with the movie rights years ago (extremely uncommon), giving him full control over the film. While few specifics were mentioned, and no formal announcement has been made, its extremely promising that the man with the power to make the film is getting the ball rolling. The question is…do you bring back Richard Dean Anderson as old MacGyver, or bring in a younger, Christian Bale-type to reprise the role of makeshift gadget god?

You gotta bring back RDA for MacGyver, if just in a cameo to “pass the torch”, as it were. RDA is basically retired from acting, making only occasional guest spots on his Stargate: SG1 show in the last few years, but I’m sure Zlotoff can probably convince him to come back. I’d love to see it.

MacGyver Movie