MacGyver’s Guy to Sue MacGruber’s Goobers

The boys over at Latino Review have it on good authority that Lee Zolotoff, the creator of the original “MacGyver” TV show, doesn’t have very nice things to say about the upcoming “MacGruber” movie. Or actually, he doesn’t care very much for it, and he doesn’t like the fact that they’ve turned a short “Saturday Night Live” parody skit into a major motion picture. Least of which because he’s trying to get his own “MacGyver” movie made. The result? Lawsuit!

Well, Zolotoff hasn’t actually filed the suit yet, but word is it’s coming, and besides going after money, Zolotoff will be trying to stop the film’s impending release. OUCH.

Apparently you can parody “MacGyver” all you want in a 2-4 minute skit on TV or in the movies (ala the “Epic Movie” movies), but you can’t use it as the basis for an entire movie. Or at least, that’s what Zolotoff aims to prove.

As for the movie itself, I found the red band trailer (below) to be pretty amusing, though word is the movie is getting abysmal numbers with test audiences.