Machete Kills Again … in Outer Space!

Danny Trejo as Machete Kills Again in Space

If you saw Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete Kills”, then you saw this fake trailer for “Machete Kills Again … in Space!” in front of that movie. (And if you did see “Machete Kills”, then, well, you were probably one of the few who did, cause that movie sorta died a pretty quick death at the box office when it opened.)

But there’s no doubt about it, while “Machete Kills” had its moments, there was nothing quite like this fake trailer that puts Danny Trejo’s mean killing machine in outer space, along with Michelle Rodriguez, Alexa Vega, and Lady Gaga. Plus, Justin Beiber and Leonardo DiCaprio! (Sorta.)

Check it out. It’s probably the best thing about “Machete Kills”, which is kind of sad when you think about it. So, um, try not to think about it too hard!

So what are the chances you’ll see this, or a third “Machete” movie? Probably about as good a chance as a guy like Danny Trejo becoming an action movie star. So when you think about it like that, it’s not so far-fetched after all! (Yeah, let’s go with that.)