Machineguns and Cross Dressings Galore in Sherlock Holmes 2 Trailer Preview

Looks like Sherlock will be getting in touch with his, ahem, feminine side while dodging machinegun fire in Guy Ritchie’s follow up to his 2009 hit film. Entertainment Tonight’s got your first sneak peek preview of the upcoming trailer for “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”, which reunites Robert Downey Jr. as the world’s greatest Detective and Jude Law as his perennially annoyed sidekick, Doctor Watson.

Also co-starring Noomi Rapace, Eddie Marsan, Stephen Fry, Kelly Reilly, Geraldine James, and Jared Harris as Holmes’ greatest nemesis, Moriarty.

Until the proper trailer is release, we’ll have to make due with this: Here’s the proper trailer: