Mactavish Pictures Options SEAL of Honor Book

If the name Michael P. Murphy rings a bell, that’s because Peter Berg has been trying to get a movie that involves Murphy called “Lone Survivor” made for a while now, and from all accounts, he should have it in production as soon as he wraps the sci-fi actioner “Battleship” for the studio. Berg’s movie will be based on the non-fiction book by Marcus Luttrell, a SEAL operator who survived the 2005 operation that cost the lives of most of SEAL Team 10, of which Murphy was a valuable member. Mactavish has optioned the screen rights to another book about the same incident, “SEAL of Honor: Operation Red Wings and the Life of LT Michael P. Murphy, USN”, written by Gary Williams, and which chronicles Murphy’s life up to the time of the battle. So why is Murphy’s story worth telling? Murphy won the Medal of Honor for his actions during that battle, and they don’t give those away to just anybody.

NEW YORK, May 10th, 2010 – Mactavish Pictures has optioned the motion picture rights to SEAL of Honor: Operation Red Wings and the Life of LT Michael P. Murphy, USN.

The book, authored by Gary Williams and published by the Naval Institute Press on May 5th, is a runaway hit and now on backorder across the country.

LT Murphy, a United States Navy SEAL, earned the Medal of Honor on 28 June 2005 for his bravery during a fierce fight with the Taliban in the remote mountains of eastern Afghanistan. The first to receive the nation’s highest military honor for service in Afghanistan, LT Murphy was also the first naval officer to earn the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War, and the first SEAL to be honored posthumously. A young man of great character, he is the subject of Naval Special Warfare courses on character and leadership, and an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, naval facilities, school, post office, ball park, and hospital emergency department have been named in his honor.

Mactavish Pictures is a motion picture development and production company with offices in New York City and Virginia. Founder Scott Mactavish is a filmmaker, best-selling author and veteran of the United States Navy. He has served as an advisor to author Gary Williams and the Murphy family since October 2009. “I’m humbled and honored to bring Mike Murphy’s story to the big screen.” said Mactavish. “He was a fierce warrior and true standard bearer for honor, courage and commitment. Every American should know his story.”

A feature film based on SEAL of Honor is now in development.

Bennett Fidlow of Schroder, Fidlow, Titley & Davis, PLC, negotiated the deal on behalf of Mactavish Pictures, and Stephen Moore of the Paul Kohner Agency, Beverly Hills, for the Naval Institute Press.

Dueling projects are nothing new in Hollywood, and any movie that sheds a positive light on the heroic SEAL actions on that day is certainly welcomed after all the negative war movies Hollywood has been trying to shove down our throats.

The real SEAL Team 10.