Mad Max 4: Fury Road Is Back on — Without Mel Gibson!

George Miller is a hot item again in Hollywood. After the wild success of “Happy Feet”, the aging Australian grandfather (I’m guessing he has to be someone’s granddad, being very old and whatnot) has landed himself the Justice League movie, and now comes news that Miller is ready to tackle the fourth entry in his “Mad Max” saga — minus Mel Gibson! That’s right. With news that “Mad Max 4: Fury Road” is back on track and has been greenlighted to commence pre-production, there’s also news that Miller won’t be bringing back Mel Gibson as the titular angry Max, but will instead cast someone with a “younger face”. Now I don’t know how I feel about a Mad Max movie without Mel Gibson, but I guess it had to happen. I don’t know the history of the two men, but my guess is that it was Gibson who said No to Miller, and not the other way around.

In any case, here’s Moviehole:

Our colleague has discovered that ‘’Kennedy Miller is dancing with VFX and animation houses for both Mad Max 4 and Happy Feet 2. As far as I know the plan is to do all the animation for Happy Feet 2 in Australia, but not necessarily at Animal Logic (who did the first one). I’d guess that Mad Max 4 will be shot in Namibia as per the original plans (blown out by the Iraq invasion). In terms of release time – it took 4 years to make the original Happy Feet.”

He even speculates that ‘’Mad Max 4 : Fury Road’’ will be released before “Justice League”… but that’s a guess based on how fast the former seems to be moving forward (and no, he doesn’t have any information on “Justice League”). Of course, they have to find a new ‘Mad Max’ first – with Miller telling Moviehole recently that he won’t be using Mel Gibson again, but a younger face.

“Happy Feet 2”, “Justice League of America”, and “Mad Max 4: Fury Road” all at the same time? Damn, that’s a lot of work for someone’s grandfather. I don’t do that much in a decade!

Although I have to say, I still don’t know about a Mad Max movie without Gibson…

Mad Max 4: Fury Road