Mad Max 4 Start Date Delayed Until 2011, Will be in 3D

I kinda think George Miller is a tad on the senior side to be thinking about not just making one “Mad Max” movie, but actually shooting two, back-to-back. One “Mad Max” movie is already expected to be a hell of an undertaking, what with all the action, the post-apocalyptic landscape, and what have you. Ol George isn’t as young as he used to be, you know.

According to reports (with confirmation expected later this week or soon), Miller will now add an additional complexity to the films: he’ll be shooting “Fury Road” (and, one presumes, “Mad Max 5”) in 3D. This new development, along with the decision to shoot two films, says IGN, will push back the film’s start date from November of this year to sometime in February of next year. Apparently Miller has always wanted to shoot a “Mad Max” film in 3D, and thanks to the current fad, he’s going to get to live out that dream.

To add to his already hectic schedule, Miller’s got “Happy Feet 2” and “Babe 3” also mulling about in various stages of development.

I tell ya, I hope I’m still half this busy when I turn 65!

“Mad Max: Fury Road” will star Tom Hardy as a younger version of Max, and will take place after the events of “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. Charlize Theron (below) will co-star as the female lead.