Mad Max 4 with Charlize Theron? Tom Hardy? WTF?

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See, this is why I don’t think they should even bother making another “Mad Max” movie without Mel Gibson. It just ain’t gonna turn out so good. Sure, like every warm-blooded American male, I wouldn’t mind seeing Charlize Theron in skin-tight black leather running around the wasteland fighting guys in hockey masks and stealing gasoline by using a combination of supermodel good looks and secretive ass-kicking skills, but let’s face it, who wants a “Mad Max” movie without, you know, Mad Max? Anyways, here’s your latest update on George Miller’s continued attempt to get a fourth movie in the franchise made.

This little news comes, of all places, E! Online, the hub for all things celebrity insipidness and shitty TV glorification.

The word is that Charlize Theron is on top of director George Miller’s wish list to play the female lead in his fourth “Mad Max” movie, and that young British guy Tom Hardy (“Star Trek: Nemesis”, “Bronson”, pictured top left) will take over the Max role opposite Theron. Which would obviously make this a reboot of the franchise, since Hardy is noticeably much younger than Gibson. Or are they just going to keep on going without admitting that Max seems to have gotten younger? Anything’s possible. E! stresses that nothing has been signed, no greenlit given, and no formal offers have been made.

If it does actually happen, this would be somewhat of a departure for Theron from her usual roles, though admittedly it’s not like apocalyptic landscapes will be new to her. She’s also in John Hillcoat’s “The Road” coming out later this year, and she was in the sci-fi actioner “Aeon Flux” earlier in her career. Still, the lead in an action-minded post-apocalyptic movie? And does this mean the girl will be overshadowing Max?

Questions, questions…

Hey, is there something on my back? Can't quite ... reach ... it...

Hey, is there something on my back? Can't quite ... reach ... it...

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