Mad Max: Fury Road Delayed Again

All of us who have been hotly anticipating George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” will have to wait a little bit longer. Miller was set to begin filming this February, but The Australian reports that the production has been delayed. This is the second delay, as unseasonal rains in July made the area where they were going to film too fertile to handle the planned stunts.

Key crew were told this week not to expect to return for pre-production until August or November next year. Production is now anticipated to begin in the Broken Hill region in February 2012.

From the tone of the article, it sounds like financial restraints may be behind the postponement. While this is purely speculation, the budget for the 3D production has steadily increased over time. Whether or not that is the case, this news has hit the local economy hard, leaving hundreds unemployed.

The delay has left many major film crew members without work amid fears the high Australian dollar could ultimately kill the film as its budget grows.

This sucks, but for the moment “Fury Road” is still happening, though you can’t help but wonder what impact the holdup will have on the cast and crew. The fact that it has not been cancelled is heartening, but the world will have to be patient while we wait to see Tom Hardy as Max.