Mad Mel Will Be Involved with Mad Max 4 After All. Huh?

A “Mad Max” movie without Mel Gibson just doesn’t sound right, but last we heard George Miller, creator of the franchise, had already cast Brit Tom Hardy to replace the Melster as the hardest rags-wearin’ post-apocalyptic fighter there ever lived. So what’s the deal with this Moviehole report that Mel is not done with the franchise after all?

According to the site, who always has their ears plugged in to the Aussie film scene, being Aussies themselves, Mel isn’t quite done with the franchise yet, and in fact his Icon production company will be co-producing the fourth entry. They speculate that this could open the doors for Gibson to either re-appear in the film (in a cameo, perhaps?), or narrate it.

Of course, it’s all speculation, but I wouldn’t put it pass Gibson. He’s just nutty enough to do something like that, even while another actor plays the role he made famous. Here’s an idea: have Hardy play the character, but then book-end the film with Gibson as a much older Max, narrating the events? Could work.

Once upon a time, I was played by this British kid...