MadTV Gets Canceled After 14 Years

To be perfectly honest with you, I’m shocked to learn that it’s been 14 years since MadTV came on the air. 14 Years! Really? Wow. The show actually got funnier as the years went on, with some memorable characters that, like the show itself, really didn’t get a whole lot of respect from your average mainstream critic, who was probably too busy smelling Saturday Night Live’s jockstrap. It’s not Saturday Night Live by a long shot, but then again, give me a skit show where the actors actually took the time to learn their lines instead of having to constantly stare offscreen at the cue cards any day. Seriously, nothing says “crappy preparation” more than castmembers who have been doing the SNL thing for 10 years still having to stare offscreen for their lines. Ridiculous.

In any case, the trades are reporting that the FOX network has given MadTV the ax after 14 seasons on the air. This leaves the show’s producers to find a new home for the skit show, which seems likely. Apparently the reason FOX gave for canceling the show was economics — it was simply too expensive to make. Really? I had no idea your average MadTV sketch was expensive. It always looked so, you know, made on the cheap. No insult intended.

Nothing much else to say, except I always enjoyed me a good MadTV skit when I ran across it by accident. hank God for Comedy Central re-runs. In honor of MadTV, here are some of my favorite skits over the years. Basically, anything involving Will Sasso as Steven Seagal or Frank Caliendo as John Madden made me laugh my ass off.

John Madden sells popcorn. Classic. (And before Bobby Lee got weird)

John Madden sells female cream. I shit you not

Steven Seagal rips off Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Steven Seagal as a stand-up comedian