Mae Nak Springs into the Third Dimension This October in Thailand

Mae Nak 3D (2011) Movie ImageDid you know there are now 22 motion pictures centered around the Mae Nak legend? What’s sad is that, until I happened upon the latest trailer for the upcoming horror outing “Mae Nak 3D”, I was woefully ignorant of this popular Thai folktale. And while it sounds like a great premise for a solid horror flick, I’m having my doubts about this one. Maybe it’s the bitchy, spiteful little 3D snob in me, but I’ve a feeling there are much better adaptations of the legend currently on the market. If you know of any, feel free to educate me. Learning is always fun.

Enjoy this handy synopsis:

If you don’t know the story then we can only surmise you’ve been living under a stone. For those rock dwellers here it is again: Nak, a heavily pregnant woman, dies with her stillborn child while her husband, Mak, is away at war. When Mak returns, he doesn’t know that his family is dead and continues to live with Nak unaware that she is actually a ghost.

“Mae Nak 3D” scares up some business in Thailand on October 27th.

Source: 24 Frames per Second