Maggie and Glenn Get Some in New Walking Dead Season 4 Image

Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun in The Walking Dead Season 4

Looks like post-apocalyptic lovebirds Maggie and Glenn (Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun, respectively) will be continuing their romance in the upcoming fourth season of “The Walking Dead”. Either that, or the two actors are really taking this whole method acting thing seriously.

Check out a new promo image from “The Walking Dead” featuring everyone’s favorite teenage lovebirds sucking face for EW. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Right, Steven?

So what will be two crazy kids be up to in the upcoming season?

“It’s in a really safe place,” says the woman who plays Maggie, Lauren Cohan, of the relationship. Steven Yeun, a.k.a. Glenn, agrees. “They’re in a good groove, living as close to what normal life should be,” says Yeun. “Whatever you can call that in this world.”

And oh yeah. Getting some in the zombie post-apocalypse.

“The Walking Dead” Season 4 returns this October. The show, along with most of the cast I’m assuming, will once again return to Comic Con, where “TWD” is a major crowd pleaser. It’ll be interesting to see who they bring along for the panel. Last year featured two new faces — David Morrissey (The Governor) and Danai Gurira (Michonne) — but it doesn’t appear as if Season 4 will have anyone new new. I’m guessing Tyrese and the girl who plays his girlfriend.

Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun in The Walking Dead Season 4

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