Maggie Grace Needs Saving from a Serial Killer on TV

Kevin BaconMaggie Grace has been abducted by white slavers, fought pirate ghosts, gotten lost on an island with crazy ass people, and will be running from psycho cons in the upcoming “Lockout”. Up next, she’ll be parlaying that awesome ability to need rescuing in Fox’s Kevin William serial killer show.

(Yes, they still haven’t decided on a title for this show yet. Or if they have, they don’t feel like sharing with us. I guess continually calling the damn thing the “Untitled Kevin Williamson Serial Killer Show” just sounds cooler than, you know, actually giving it a title. Whatever, Kevin Williamson.)

In any case, Grace has signed up for a recurring role on the Fox show, and is set to play “a young doctor who’s the only surviving victim of infamous serial killer Joe Carroll (played by James Purefoy on the show)”. Maggie Grace as a doctor? Eh, it has to be more convincing as Maggie Grace as a teenager in “Taken”, right? (God, I still remember her prancing around in that movie. What an awful, awful interpretation of a “teen”.)

Anyhoo. Grace joins Kevin Bacon, taking a rare turn as a network TV show lead, playing a retired FBI agent pulled back into the game by Carroll’s cult of serial killers. “Justified’s” Natale Zea is also along for the ride, having traded in the Kentucky wilds as bad guy Carroll’s ex-wife.

This being a Fox show, whatever Kevin Williamson ends up calling it, it better blow up fast, or it’s gonna get canned even faster.

Maggie Grace in The Fog (2005) Movie Image

Via : EW