Maggie Grace to Kick Some Ass in Taken 2

Maggie Grace and Liam Neeson in Taken (2008) Movie Image

Besides Liam Neeson totally destroying his way through everyone and everything in the first “Taken” movie, the other great joy about the film was watching Maggie Grace playing a “teenager” early in the film, because her character go tall hopped up on drugs and went on sale. I have no idea what kind of direction Pierre Morel, the film’s director, gave Grace on the set, but holy God, that’s got to be the worst example of movie “teen” acting I’ve ever seen, bar none.

Fortunately (or is that unfortunately?) Grace won’t be reprising her teen damsel-in-distress in the sequel, because according to director Olivier Megaton, who will be helming the sequel, her character is getting a major makeover, and won’t be the same victim as in the first movie. Megaton tells The Playlist more about Grace’s character’s upcoming transformation:

The story is not the story you’re waiting for, because it’s totally different. Maggie [Grace] has a huge, huge part in this movie, and then that was the really interesting thing. The real challenge was to make her like Zoe in ‘Colombiana’. I don’t want to be the specialist of girl action heroes, but that is the real point of me taking ‘Taken 2’.

Maggie Grace in Taken (2008) Movie ImageSo does that mean Grace has traded in her teenage years (remember, she wanted to be a singer in the first movie) for ass-kicking spy duties? Possibly:

Liam Neeson will be very, very important in this movie. Liam will be all throughout the movie like he is – the same bad ass – and maybe a little more human. But Maggie will exist, because she was not really existing in the first one. She was the victim, so we were tracking her. But really she will be there in this one.

He also confirms that the sequel will take place in Istanbul, which, apparently, is why he decided to take the gig. The guy apparently really likes Istanbul.

And oh yeah, in case you were curious, the Zoe Saldana action flick “Colombiana” was supposed to be a sequel to Luc Besson’s “The Professional” (aka “Leon”), but after failing to get the film (about an all-grown up Mathilda (Natalie Portman’s character from the movie) looking for revenge) made for a dozen years or so, Besson and company gave up and just decided to re-work the script into an original movie. In case, you know, you were wondering and such. You can stop now.

By the by, here’s Maggie Grace being, like, totally a “teen” in “Taken”: