Maggie Q. in Talks to Star as the CW’s Nikita!

Now this is interesting news. Hollywood usually talks a pretty good game about tolerance and being open-minded, but talk is cheap, as they say. And as you can probably tell by all the TV series out there, Hollywod still can’t quite get over the hump of actually putting their money where their mouth is, since let’s face it, white guys and gals are still the leads in almost every single TV show out there. Scratch that. An Asian woman is in talks to land the lead in the CW’s TV reboot of Luc Besson’s “La Femme Nikita”, which is apparently just going by the title “Nikita”.

That woman is Maggie Quigley, aka Maggie Q., who Hong Kong movie fans will recognize instantly, but everyone else might know her as “the tough but sexy Asian chick” from movies like “Mission Impossible 3” and “Live Free or Die Hard”. (She’s also got “Priest” with Paul Bettany coming out soon.) Obviously if you wanted someone who can look good and kick ass convincingly, you needn’t look farther than Maggie Q. For those who are curious, Q. is the daughter of an American father and a Vietnamese mother, and although she doesn’t scream “Asian”, she won’t exactly be mistaken for “Caucasian”, either.

THR lists Maggie Q.’s hiring as “pending”, which means it’s not yet a done deal. Q. has a thriving movie career in Asia to consider, where she regularly lands female leads, and her Hollywood career ain’t exactly hurting, either. Which makes her jump to TV a bit surprising, so who knows if she changes her mind later on, because frankly, this may be a step down for her, career-wise. Fronting a TV show, even a successful one, doesn’t always translate well into a movie career. Just ask the girl who previously played Nikita successfully for five seasons in a previous TV incarnation. What was her name again?

Craig Silverstein will produce and run the show, which will have Q. playing the titular Nikita, a highly trained assassin for a mysterious organization who goes on the run. Her former agency is then forced to train a replacement and, one presumes, hunt her down.

Maggie Q. and machineguns = endless sex apeal.