Maggie Q. is Silver Fox in Wolverine?

The latest news coming out of the maybe/maybe-not delayed “Wolverine” movie is that Asian actress Maggie Q. (aka Maggie Quigley) who kicked Bruce Willis’ ass all over the place in “Live Free or Die Hard”, and before that made Tom Cruise look good in “Mission Impossible III”, is either in negotiations to play the character Silver Fox, or she’s already gotten the role. The heads up comes from IESB, and it’s excellent news. Whoever is managing Maggie Q.’s Hollywood career, they deserve a raise; she’s come a long way in a very short time, and it’s pretty impressive the number of Hollywood and Asian films the girl has lined up, including a starring turn in the Andy Lau historical epic “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon”.


First things first, Silver Fox, Wolverine’s love interest, is going to be in the new prequel. This is for sure. With the recent rewrites and the addition of Gavin Hood as director, there wasn’t any confirmation over what characters were going to be in the film. But we’ve been reassured that she’s is in the film.

On with the news, today we got a great tip on who is going to bring the Fox to life. One of the most kick-ass girls around, Maggie Q, is the top front runner for the role! We have been told that she is the top choice or may have already been cast to play the Silver Fox.

More about Silver Fox the character:

Silver Fox is a lover of Wolverine who first appeared in Wolverine vol.2 #10, where she is apparently killed by Sabretooth. However, her death is later revealed to be an induced memory of Wolverine’s. In actuality, she is a member of “Team X,” the best covert ops team the CIA had to offer, and is one of a few female victims of the Weapon X project. Fox betrays Team X and becomes a member of Hydra, a subversive terrorist organization. She is later, finally, killed by Sabretooth under the control of the telepathic Psi-Borg, and Wolverine buries her body outside the cabin they once lived in together.

Maggie Q. as Silver Fox? I can dig it.

Maggie Q. is Silver Fox in Wolverine