Magnet Releasing Snags US Rights to Quentin Dupieux’s Killer Tire Flick Rubber

There are some movies that you have watch on premise alone. Doesn’t matter if the movie’s good or bad, big-budget or woefully independent — as long as the concept is rooted in the strange and unusual, yours truly will be there with bells on. And while I’m not entirely sure what to make of writer/director Quentin Dupieux’s homicidal tire flick “Rubber”, I am strangely enamored with the teaser trailer embedded below. Not only is this disgruntled tire murderous and mobile, it also possesses mysterious telekinetic powers that allows it to stylishly destroy small birds with limited effort. What happens when this circular menace uses its unholy powers on the unsuspecting human population, you ask? I honestly can’t wait to find out.

“Rubber” is currently kicking all sorts of cult ass at Cannes, but hopefully it will make its presence known on DVD later this year. My fingers are crossed. Huge thanks to for the scoop.

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  • Dominique

    I'm sorry….I just can't get behind this film. A self-propelling tire that telekinetically kills people? I love outside-the-norm genre films as much as the next guy but the latest crop are just on the wrong side of ridiculous. Between this film and “Humanimals” (which actually makes more sense and seems to be more entertaining) it's all starting to not make a whole lot of sense.

  • vineland

    I think its the best thing I've seen all year. I can't wait to watch it.

  • Malthus

    I really hope it gets here. I've been waiting a LONG time.

  • Malthus

    I really hope it gets here. I've been waiting a LONG time.