Magnet Releasing to Unleash Korean Giant Pig Movie Chawz

“Chaw”, or “Chawz” as it’s now being called, is coming to America, so you know what that means, kids — hide the ladies and break out the shotguns. Yup, there’s nothing like a giant animal movie, especially if you’re a longtime viewer of the Sci Fi Channel (ahem, the SyFy Channel). I’m pretty sure the network has, at one point or another, indulged in a giant creature of every sort at least once (or twice) in its lifetime.

The South Korean giant pig movie “Chawz” won’t be going to the SyFy Channel, but you gotta figure that that’s where it’ll eventually end up. Magnet Releasing, the genre arm of Magnolia Pictures, has snapped up North American rights to the film, and has set it for a early 2011 bow.

We’re probably looking at a very limited theatrical release here before the company sends it to DVD for the teeming masses who enjoys such things. And if you’re reading this, you obviously do.

Our very own James Mudge reviewed the film when it was originally released here.

Trailer below. It’s in Korean, but suffice to say: giant pig eats people in village; hunters arrive to kill it. ‘Nuff said.