Magnolia Picks up Lucky McKee’s Red

I’m a fan of Lucky McKee, ever since he burst onto the screen with the oddball, but just fantastic “May” in 2002. But Lucky hasn’t done a whole lot of movies I’ve liked since, including “The Woods” (which I heard was good) and “Roman” (which I tried to watch, but couldn’t get through). His latest is “Red”, a thriller starring Brian Cox that has just been picked up for domestic distribution by independent label Magnolia.

Variety has the premise of “Red”:

Cox plays an elderly man seeking revenge on a teen who murdered his dog..

Now come on, you gotta know that that’s a Lucky McKee movie plot if there ever was one. Simple and packed with potential for huge mischief.

The film co-stars Robert Englund, Amanda Plummer and Tom Sizemore. You can’t have a decent horror/thriller with Amanda Plummer hanging around, that’s for sure.

According to, McKee co-directed the film with Trygve Allister Diesen, from a script by Stephen Susco, based on the novel by Jack Ketchum.

Lucky McKee's Red

Lucky McKee's Red