Magnolia To Distribute George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead

Although I’ll probably get stuffed into the metaphorical meat grinder for saying as much, I’m of the belief that George A. Romero’s recent zombified output — namely, “Land of the Dead” and “Diary of the Dead” — isn’t exactly the stuff of top-notch entertainment. When you compare the iconic director’s post-“Day of the Dead” features with the movies that made him a genre legend, you can’t help but wonder why people continue to fund these limp-wristed, halfhearted projects. As always, I’m willing to give “Survival of the Dead” its day in court as soon as US distributor Magnolia dumps this thing onto VOD and select theaters sometime next year, but my expectations aren’t exactly stretching into the heavens above. Am I going to hold my breath in anticipation? Will I ask my friends and family to accompany me to a screening? Will I shake my fist in quiet nerd rage when the film fails to properly amuse me? With the exception of the latter, probably not. I am, however, fully prepared to eat my words, but after experiencing “Diary of the Dead’s” wretchedness, I seriously doubt I’ll have anything to worry about. All apologies to the cult of Romero.

“Survival of the Dead” will tenderize your spleen in 2010.