Tom Cruise’s Man from UNCLE Gets a Swedish Lady From The UK

Alicia Vikander in Anna Karenina (2012) Movie Image

For a film that didn’t look like it would ever happen, Warner Bros.’ “Man from UNCLE” is certainly chugging right along these days. I guess that’s what happens when you land a leading man in a resurgent Tom Cruise (with professional sidekick Armie Hammer as his sidekick) and a solid director in Guy Ritchie.

The big-budget spy film, based on the ’60s TV show of the same name, has now added a female lead in Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, last seen engaging in royal intrigue in the Joe Wright adaptation of “Anna Karenina” starring Keira Knightley and the upcoming “The Seventh Son”.

The Man from UNCLEVikander will play “a British agent who has a thing for cars” in the film. The character, who is currently nameless, is a new creation for the movie, and didn’t appear in either “The Man from UNCLE” TV show or its spin-off, “The Girl from UNCLE”. Then again, I don’t know if “the girl” from the spin-off show “had a thing for cars”. That’s a hell of a description for a character.

Vikander will join Tom Cruise, who recently signed on to play American agent Napoleon Solo, with “The Lone Ranger” co-star Armie Hammer playing Solo’s partner, the Soviet agent Illya Kuryakin. The characters were of the same age on the TV show, but obviously the two actors they got for this version could easily pass for father and son, age-wise. If, you know, the son is like a foot taller than dad, I mean.

Guy Ritchie is directing for Warner Bros., and along with “Jack Reacher” and “Mission: Impossible”, this is yet another potential action franchise for the Cruister. It’s good to be King of Hollywood. Again.

Via : THR