Man of Steel 2 by 2014? Justice League in 2015?


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Now don’t get me wrong, I liked Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” as much as the next guy, but a sequel by 2014? That seems, uh, overly optimistic if you ask me. Not to mention a potentially big mistake in terms of creativity/quality.

The Wall Street Journal recently covered the film’s box office over the weekend, and in the article, has an interview with Dan Fellman, Warner’s president of domestic distribution, who had this to say about the success of “Man of Steel” and how it affected the studio’s comic book properties/partnership with D.C. moving forward:

It’s more than just a franchise for us, it really opens up the door to do combinations of the DC Comics characters. We can build them up like Marvel did and benefit from the history of DC.

Man of Steel (2013) Movie PosterWhich is nothing we haven’t heard before. We’ve always been told by Warner and everyone involved with “Man of Steel” that the future of Superman, along with a Justice League movie that would, of course, feature Superman prominently, almost entirely rests on Superman’s broad shoulders.

But the WSJ then added this tidbit:

Warner is already in development on a sequel to “Man of Steel” and is expected to fast track that for release as soon as 2014, said knowledgeable people close to the studio.

In addition, it has long been developing a “Justice League” team-up movie featuring characters such as the Flash and Wonder Woman that could come out as soon as 2015.

It was already previously reported that Warner was fast-tracking “Man of Steel 2″ even before the film opened, thanks to a lot of very positive buzz for the movie. That’s a given. Studios always “develop” sequels before a movie opens, especially a property like Superman, though it’s rare that they would “fast-track” it. Still, nothing really new.

But this, on the other hand? “Man of Steel 2″ by 2014? That’s incredibly optimistic. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but the big question may be, do we want it to be done in such a short time? That seems really pushing it big time, and I’m not sure if that’s good for “Man of Steel 2″ in the long run. But hey, your mileage may vary.

Author: Nix

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  • clarkspark

    Had the movie ended with a cliffhanger or left wide open with a hint of things to come, I would be more excited for this. It does seem fast, too fast even to release a sequel because it can easily seem like it was probably rushed to cash it in. I remember back when The Dark Knight released I believe it was the same deal. They wanted the next Nolan Batman release for the year after but Nolan wanted to do Inception.

    I’m just thinking, that in the next movie, it will slow down a bit to develop the supporting cast and possibly bring in Lex Luthor with a possibility of acknowledging Bruce Wayne or Batman.

    • Dedpool

      The Satelite Superman was thrown through was a Wayne Satelite.

      • clarkspark

        Omg I must’ve blinked because the only one i saw was lexcorp and I’ve watched this twice! XD

        • Nix

          Hard to spot little things like that when everything is blowing up or getting punched through buildings every other second, heh. I didn’t know about it either until someone wrote about it online.

  • Kal-El-1983

    One of my problems with Man of Steel was it felt too rushed as it is, not unfinished but the plot felt rushed with hardly any true character development…slow it down, take time. Personally, I dont think we need a JLA film, a trinity film would be better or at least a worlds finest.

    • osarumen

      it wasnt rushed, you dont know what u are saying. and by the way we need a j l a movie now. i believe they can pull it off.

      • Kal-El-1983

        I don’t think so, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman none of them have been introduced to the world so to speak. The JLA is too large, and by that I mean the characters themselves have such large back stories, responsibilities that they need alot of development. They honestly are going to try and get a MOS 2 by next year..seriously. And shoot for a 2015 JLA. SO that means Batman AND Wonder Woman need to be introduced in MOS least.

        • osarumen

          what about the x men series? where each characters introduced before they made the x men series? hell no. and the x men series where okay. even x men days future past, they are not gonna introduce any character to make x men. so i believe they can make j l a without introducing any character.

          • Kal-El-1983

            X-men isn’t a good example, they severely altered the characters to fit. Avengers would be a better example, but there again marvel characters are for the most part grounded in their personal world. Cap, Iron Man,Hulk and Thor all have very tight personal stories that are easily told in a 2 hr film, which they did and then put them together to save the world. Dc heroes , with the exception of a few ie. Flash and Batman have much more grander stories to be told. Superman already saved the himself…and they really rushed through it. Now they want to introduce at least Wonder Woman who, unless they just throw out everything about the character needs to be told in her own film

          • osarumen

            okay you keep saying man of steel was rushed. didn’t the movie came out well? it did, many people liked it. i dont know about you cos you keep complaining that movie was rushed, which was pretty well done. am gonna watch the movie again this friday.

          • Kal-El-1983

            I said not rushed as in unfinished. The Plot was rushed through, the only part they really took time on was Krypton. The Beginning was the strongest part of the movie.

          • osarumen

            but at the end of the day, the movie was successful overall. i don’t care if it is rushed or not. after all nobody is above mistake. the movie cant be perfect. nobody is perfect man. just deal with it bub!!. i give the movie a 9/10 period.

          • Kal-El-1983

            There are many successful film that are crap and many films that bomb that are actually great… box office success is not a guarantee of a great film..just a popular one. No one expects a perfect film, but they were working on this for two years…TWO years and this is what they gives us. This was the Superman film for the lowest common denominator. Yes many people loved it, but look around..just as many if not more did not. Superman deserves better than what has been given.

          • osarumen

            that is what i dont like about people who complain and criticize alot. go and make your own man of steel and lets see what you’ve got. as for me, man of steel is better than iron man, thor, and dark knight rise trilogy combined.

          • Kal-El-1983

            I would love to, I’ve had a script for a Superman film since high School. But I am not a big Hollywood director or producer now am I. Superman has been my favorite superhero since I was 3 years old…that is why I am criticizing this film, it should have been done alot better. The had the time, money and the talent to give us a truly great film and I was very excited to see it…but snyder and goyer let me and many others down.

          • osarumen

            but you watched it anyway, and you are probably gona watch it over and over again. okay tell what is wrong with the movie?

          • Kal-El-1983

            umm of course I watched it, that is how I know I did not like it, and no even if I could afford to I would not go see it again. and I’ve already said what was wrong with it. They breezed through the plot without any real character development except for Zod and Jor-El which like i said the scenes on Krypton were the strongest parts. Amy Adams really didn’t sell herself as Lois, she seemed to just sleepwalk through the role. Johnathan’s “lessons” were bullcrap… allowing people to suffer and or die just because the “world isn’t ready” is asinine. The fight scenes while visually pleasing were devoid of any character weight. They just pull the name superman out of their ass without any explanation “who called him that, when did they call him that?” those were not answered. Superman basically killed dozens of unborn children then destroyed half of the city without any indication of considering the civilian casualties, after killing Zod we were supposed to feel his pain at having take a life, but there was no development to make it know how appalling that was to him beforehand and then it is cheapened by following it with light hearted snarky banter with the General. To name a few.

          • osarumen

            what percent will you give the movie?

          • r4zor

            well, you are obviously a huge superman fanboy, and nothing done with superman can make you happy, bacause your standards are too high! you need to chill and take the movie as it is! for instance, I don`t like superman very much, he is not an interesting character in my opinion, waayyy OP!!! but I enjoyed the hell out of this movie! Could they have done it better? Of course they could… but it was still awesome, and it is definitely one my favorite superhero movies! I`m a huge batman fanboy, and at first, I hated the DK trilogy, because they where trying too hard to make it realistic, and it just, plain and simple, wasn`t realy batman!! but i got over it and enjoyed them very very much! plus, they gave us the best joker ever, so that was definitely a huge plus! enjoy the good things in the movie ;)

          • Kal-El-1983

            Mediocrity should not be rewarded. Yes fine call me a “fanboy” that term is thrown around so much now it has lost all it’s meaning.

          • Dedpool

            Lois named him Superman. It was cut off but it was said, also with the long history of “THe Superman” in military history it’s not much of a jump to think someone just put that together, and there was the throw away line of “Thats what they’re calling him now Sir.” As for the rest of your issues with the film you’re entitled to your opinion, and it’s a well thought out and backed one at that. Personally I disagree with some but I get where you’re coming from.
            I will say this to two of them though, with Johnathan’s lesson, it’s less that the world wasn’t ready as they would just be afraid, and most likely have the wrong reaction. In “Superman:Earth One” he says he never showed himself or his abilities before the invasion because up until that point in history humanity could handle it. It’s very similar in Man of Steel, Had Clark come out to the world (especially in that situation) there would have been more harm than good because the world would have come down on him and the town trying to figure things out. Sure he could’ve saved his dad, but then all of Smallville would’ve known about him and consequently brought the govenrment looking for answers, etc. The world wss not ready in the sense that it didn’t know it needed a Superman yet. But as soon as the krpytonians arrive that’s the catalist needed for a Superman, then the world was ready because it needed him.

            As for the whole we never knew how much life meant to him, that was the whole point of him doing the things he did against his parents warnings. He couldn’t just let people die, even if it meant revealing himself. Hence the internal struggle between himself and his dad.
            But again I completely see your point of view.

          • Kal-El-1983

            Lois started to call him Superman, then it’s never brought up again until the soldier says it. A 5 second scene of one of the soldiers or the Colonel calling him that would have made the world of difference, perhaps it was a deleted scene. Superman: Earth One is one of my favorite, if not outright favorite modern superman stories along side Birthright. This film did borrow alot from those 2 stories but the comics managed to pull it off better. Johnathan’s death scene, in my opinion, should have been Clark hesitates after Johnathan tells him not to, but as the twister consumes him clark uses the distraction of the wind (that close to a tornado your not going to be looking at it) and runs to save him but is too late. Thus he makes the decision to never hesitate again. Any one of the problems alone wouldn’t have hurt the film..but all compounded together they really ruined what should have been a great film.

          • Dedpool

            I wouldn’t say ruined, but definitely hobbled it. But all said and done was a good film retelling of the origin, and a decent start to the franchise. I look forward to the sequel and hope they can build on this the way Dark knight and Rises built on Begins.

          • Juggernaut

            I liked the movie. You obviously did not. That being said I do think that they could improve upon a few aspects. I would like more character development (although I thought that it was done pretty well in this one given the amount of story covered and the amount of characters that were introduced). The one thing that I keep coming back to is that while it is not perfect it is the best interpretation yet. It was way better than the Christopher Reeves films and much better than Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. They do have room for improvement but this was a success in the fact that it is the best Superman film to date.

          • Kal-El-1983

            we will have to agree to disagree on that. I started out defending Man of Steel in the weeks leading up to it’s release and asking people not to compare it to Reeves film as it was unnecessary. Reeves film’s have their place in history. But after seeing the film, it may be hypocritical but I couldn’t help but compare them…and Superman and Superman II told the story better. I don’t think man of steel was the worse superman film ever…superman 3 and 4 hold those trophies…but by no means was it the best. It should have been but they dropped the ball.

  • Richie Rich

    The film was so bombastic with no apparent story line – I felt it was a Superman highlight reel. Take the trailer and multiply it by 100 and that is the film. Almost 3 hours of non-sequential fight sequences and plot. Looked great, but sadly disappointing

    • Online72

      I would gladly give up at least one whole fight sequence for more story and some character interaction. The Daily Planet scene towards the end with Perry in the rubble seemed so “after thought” but very much needed. The story definitely felt fixed around the fight scenes.

  • ErickKwon

    Oh boy, the Golden Goose metaphors are just jumping into my head