Marcus Nispel to Direct Conan the Barbarian Remake?

Why yes, according to the boys over at CHUD, who says that after Brett Ratner left the project early last month, the studio has been scrambling to find a replacement. For a while there, James McTeigue (“V for Vendetta”) seemed to be in the running. That was before the studio settled on Marcus Nispel, who recently did the “Friday the 13th” remake, and before that, the Viking period actioner “Pathfinder” and the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” reboot.

Basically, if you got a reboot, call Marcus, he’ll do it. Fortunately, the guy’s got a good eye for visuals, and knows a thing or two about orchestrating mayhem by indestructible killing machines, and doesn’t that just describe Conan to a T? Minus the masks, I mean. Of course, I still think the original holds up today and don’t see the point of remaking it, but what do I know.

CHUD says the studio is hoping to start shooting this Summer, possibly in August, but with a shift in directors, and without any semblance of a cast in place (they haven’t even cast the lead yet for some reason), that may prove to be a tad difficult.

Below: “No one reboots Conan! No one! Grrwwaaahahah!”