Marcus Nispel to Tell Dracula’s Last Voyage of Demeter

Yeah, but don’t we already know how it all ends? That’s the only problem I see with this new horror movie from German director Marcus Nispel (who last directed the recent “Friday the 13th” remake). Then again, I suppose it’s good that the guy is finally directing an original movie for once instead of remaking another horror franchise, so there’s that. According to Variety, Nispel will be directing “The Last Voyage of Demeter” for Phoenix Pictures.

The film would be based on a chapter of Bram Stoker’s classic “Dracula” novel, and tells the story of a doomed cargo ship’s crew as they unknowingly transport the fanged one from his home to England. In the original novel, the story is told from the Captain’s point of view via his Captain’s logs. The ship eventually crashed onto shore, with all the crew missing and the Captain lashed to the steering wheel.

Like I said, we already know how it ends, so what’s the point?

Bragi Schut Jr. wrote the script, and Mike Medavoy, Arnie Messer and Brad Fischer will produce.

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