Maria Bello Says Mummy 4 is Coming

While talking with MTV, Maria Bello, who replaces Rachel Weisz in the upcoming “Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”, says that she is already signed for a whole series of new “Mummy” films, and she’s sure “Mummy 4” is on its way very soon. And you know, for a woman usually known for more indie fare, she sure seems enthusiastic about getting tied up with a commercial franchise. I guess the money must be good.


Bello admits to having so much fun, in fact, that she’s looking forward to three more “Mummy” movies, confessing that she’s already signed on for a whole trilogy of sequels.

“I don’t know when, but it’s going,” she said. “[There will] absolutely be ‘The Mummy 4.’ ”

The box office for “Mummy 3” should be good, given the fanbase of the franchise, so she’s probably right. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the fourth installment announced after the film’s first weekend opening.

Here’s Maria with MTV:

Maria Bello Says Mummy 4 is Coming