Mario Van Peebles is a Sci-Fi Uniter, not a Divider

For a while there, it seemed like Mario Van Peebles was being groomed as the next big African-American action star, with leading man roles in shoot’em ups like “Posse”, “New Jack City”, “Solo”, and “Gunmen”, but for whatever reason, it never stuck. Now Mario Van Peebles is prepping a sci-fi movie called “Uniter”, which he has been working on for the last six years, so you know it has to be good (or at least, it should be good, if you spend all that time on it, right?) to go before the lends with him attached as director. No word on whether he would also star, which wouldn’t be such a bad idea; he’s a good enough actor, and if the role calls for ass kicking, well, he could do that, too.


“The Uniter” chronicles the journey of a political fugitive who escapes from the future back to the present to teach a 13-year-old how to use his powers to unite the warring factions of the world before it’s too late for planet Earth.

Van Peebles, who aims to begin shooting in January, has been developing the story for half a dozen years. Inspiration for the tale came from the combo of his travels in India and the mythology of the Aztec calendar terminating in 2012.

Seriously, it took Peeples six years to write that story? Wow.

Mario Van Peebles is a Sci-Fi Uniter, not a Divider