Marion Cotillard Probably/Maybe/Unlikely in The Dark Knight Rises, Too – UPDATED

UPDATE: THR has reached out to Cotillard’s people and got this back:

A rep for the actress in Paris said that her involvement in the film is currently “in discussions, but nothing has been confirmed yet.” WB France has yet to comment.

Cotillard is still preggers and due to give birth this Spring. If she does sign on, she’ll be shooting in June in London on the film.


Here’s the deal with these “translated from a foreign source” news items — they almost always turn out to be wrong. Either someone just plum made them up (it’s kinda hard to find someone to vet a foreign source at the, well, original source, after all), or someone badly translated the original source, and hilarity, as they say, ensue.

Having said that, apparently some French magazine somewhere (we presume in France) had a brief article about French actress Marion Cotillard, who was last seen in Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” playing Leonardo DiCaprio’s guilty conscience. With Nolan seemingly trying to get every actor from “Inception” into “The Dark Knight Rises” (from Michael Caine to Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Tom Hardy), with the exception of star DiCaprio (we assume he’s busy with other things), it kinda makes sense to go ahead and link Cotillard to the movie anyway, right?

Of course, it’s probably all wrong. Or all right. But definitely one of those.

This bit of rumor comes courtesy of the boys at Batman-News, who quotes the French magazine “Le Figaro” as saying that post-pregnancy, Cotillard will lessen her workload considerably, and will only do one film in the coming year, and that film is “The Dark Knight Rises”, which is set to shoot later this year.

Or at least, that’s what a Google translation algorithm gave Batman-News, so you know, take it with a huge helping of skepticism.

With Anne Hathaway already cast as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, the only role left is Talia (if rumors are true and the character is in the movie), and Cotillard, with her looks, could certainly pull off Talia without breaking a sweat. Then again, I certainly hope this is not true, because the last thing “The Dark Knight Rises” needs is to have one too many villains for Batman to deal with. Catwoman is, well, more than woman enough for the Caped Crusader; he doesn’t need another one running around.

Plus, there’s that Bane fella, and whoever Gordon-Levitt ends up playing…