Marion Cotillard To Join Up With A Prophet Director For Rust And Bone

Just before the release of “Contagion”, her latest, it looks like Marion Cotillard will team up with countryman Jacques Audiard (“A Prophet”) for his next film, “Rust and Bone”. The movie is based on a collection of thematically connected short stories by Craig Davidson.

Here is the synopsis of the book from Davidson’s website. Like I said, it is Davidson’s website, so expect some hyperbole. But still, it sounds promisingly grim.

A brilliant and urgent debut collection by a young writer exploring the darkest corners of human experience.

IN STEEL-TIPPED PROSE, Craig Davidson conjures a savage world populated by fighting dogs, prizefighters, sex addicts, and gamblers. The twenty-seven bones of the title story are the bones in a boxer’s hands; once broken, they never heal properly, and the fighter’s career descends to bouts that have less to do with sport than with survival: no referee, no rules, not even gloves. In “A Mean Utility” we enter an even more desperate arena: dogfights where Rottweilers, pit bulls, and Dobermans fight each other to the death.

Davidson’s stories are small monuments to the telling detail. The hostility of his fictional universe is tempered by the humanity he invests in his characters and by his subtle and very moving observations of their motivations. He shares with Chuck Palahniuk the uncanny ability to compel our attention, time and time again, to the most difficult subject matter.

If you haven’t seen “A Prophet” stop whatever it is you’re doing, find a copy, and watch it right now. You won’t be sorry. It is an incredible film, easily one of the best of 2009—and a few years on either side—and one of the few that richly deserves all of the awards and praise heaped upon it. To make “Rust and Bone” even more scintillating, Audiard is once again teaming up with his “A Prophet” co-writer Thomas Bidegain.

Throw Cotillard—who is not only all kinds of beautiful, but also a wonderful actor—into this mix, add a $22 million budget, which is one of the highest in France this year, and “Rust and Bone” is going to be a movie to look out for.

“Rust and Bone” is scheduled to shoot this fall in France and Belgium.