Mark Hamill to Direct his Black Pearl Comic Book Movie

Hey, kids, remember Mark Hamill from “Star Wars”? Well that’s basically all you remember Mark Hamill from probably, even though he’s done a ton of films since, including “The Guyver” and “Slipstream”, as well as plenty of voicework, including the Joker in “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm”. And for fans of the short-lived comic book TV show “The Flash”, he played The Trickster in a couple of memorial episodes. It’s been a consistent, if under-the-radar career post-“Star Wars”, but Hamill would like to change all that by directing a movie based on his 1996 limited series comic book “The Black Pearl”, not to be mistaken with that boat that carried Jack Sparrow around in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.

Originally published by Dark House Comics in 1996, “The Black Pearl” follows a man name Luther Drake, who saves a woman from abduction then finds himself at the center of a media frenzy, eventually becoming the costumed vigilante The Black Pearl. A shock jock, a nosy reporter, and the continued media glare come into play for the comic’s five issues.

The story was originally conceived as a movie script, but was turned into a comic instead. Now Hamill plans to turn the idea into a movie, and is currently over at Cannes selling it to some potential investors. The film will be made on a tight budget, so no “Star Wars” gloss here, I’m afraid.

The 58-year old Hamill won’t be going anywhere in front of the camera, and he hopes to start shooting later this year.