Mark Millar and Nacho Vigalondo’s Amusing Supercrooks Teaser Trailer

Supercrooks Comic Book CoverMark Millar talks a lot. About everything. Most of it can’t be taken too seriously because, well, Mark Millar talks a lot. Especially about his comic books. And now that Mark Millar has made inroads into the moviemaking biz with “Wanted” and “Kick-Ass”, Millar now talks about making movies out of his comic books a lot. Like, really, really a lot. To believe this guy, you’d think every single one of his comic books are coming to a movie theater near you. In, like, the next two or three years.

But give him this: Millar has put his money and time where his mouth is when it comes to his latest comic book venture “Supercrooks”, an upcoming series that’s described as “X-Men meets Ocean’s 11”.

The premise of “Supercrooks”? What if America’s supervillains, tired of fighting all those damn superheroes that are everywhere in America (but specifically New York City), decided to take their supervillainy elsewhere. Like, say, Europe, where apparently in the world of “Supercrooks”, there are no superheroes or supervillains. Shenanigans, as they say, ensue. Knowing Millar, it’ll be overly violent and needlessly shocking shenanigans where everyone gets decapitated, raped in the eyeballs, or both decapitated and raped in the eyeballs.

Millar has teamed up with “Timecrimes” director Nacho Vigalondo to do “Supercrooks”, and the duo have cooked up this little amusing teaser featuring man-on-the-street interviews with civilians in Europe.

Who knows if the film itself will ever get made, but knowing Mark Millar, that won’t stop him from promising a 2013 (or thereabouts) release date anyway. I certainly hope the film gets made, though, and with a decent budget, because the idea, like most of Millar’s high-concept comic book idea, is pretty cool.

Via : Heat Vision