Mark Millar Reveals his Superhero Movie Miracle Park, Pics

Mark Millar talks a lot. Lately, Mark Millar has been talking up his directorial debut, which he says is a low-budget superhero movie. Today, Mark Millar has revealed the whole shebang to IGN.

The title? “Miracle Park”

The plot?

Miracle Park is the directorial debut from comic-book creator Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Wanted, Nemesis, The Ultimates).

Set in contemporary Scotland, this dark, unique superhero story focuses on a group of animal rights activists who break into a low-level research laboratory to find a mile-long underground base owned and facilitated by the US government.

Described as The X-Men meets Trainspotting, Miracle Park breaks all the taboos of superhero cinema and offers a completely new take on the genre.

The movie is shot entirely on a hand-held camera, establishing a tone more consistent with Paranormal Activity or The Last Exorcism than a traditional superhero release.

Miracle Park is chilling, violent and a totally new experience in cinema. Miracle Park starts where other superhero movies draw the line.

Principal photography finishes at the end of October and Millar expects to be in post-production until January when the teaser trailer will be released.

I have absolutely no idea why the U.S. Government would be “owning” and “operating” an underground base in Scotland, unless it was for nefarious, eeeeeeeeeeeeevil purposes. We’re probably secretly trying to create a super bio-weapon to kill the world cause, you know, we’re evil like that and stuff. No idea where the “superhero movie” angle fits in there, though.

More pics from the set of “Miracle Park”: