Mark Millar Reveals Red Mist’s Diabolical Plan for Revenge in Kick Ass 2

Mark MillarCompared to getting a few thousand people and cobbling a couple of dozen million dollars together and making a movie, writing comic books is a cinch. Which is probably why Mark Millar, the creator of “Kick Ass”, already knows everything there is to know about “Kick Ass 2: Balls to the Wall” the comic book, including what Red Mist will be up to, and how the comic book sequel will end. Of course, there’s always the chance that “Kick Ass” director Matthew Vaughn will change things around (as he tweaked the movie version of Millar’s comic here and there), the below information should still be considered SPOILERS about the upcoming “Kick Ass 2” movie, and have been properly formatted as such.

Millar tells Movieweb about “Balls to the Wall’s” plot:

[spoiler show=”CLICK TO FIND OUT KICK ASS 2’S PLOT”]

This is a guy who has had his entire family killed by Hit Girl. He heads off and develops his martial arts skills. He learns how to become a better villain. That type of thing. He is going to come back and wreck unholy vengeance on our team. But in reality, he just comes back and gets stoned, and he spends a lot of money. He can’t do anything, so he hires this bad ass girl from Russia, she comes into the story, and her plan is to kill Hit Girl. Red Mist becomes like Charles Manson. He goes on-line and influences a bunch of young villains to go against Kick-Ass and Hit Girl. The whole thing ends up as a big gang fight like you’d see in The Warriors. There is going to be a big gang fight in the middle of Times Square between all of these costumed heroes. And at the head will be the Red Mist and Hit Girl.


While it’s probably easy enough for Millar to just continue the story in the comic like only a few months have gone by, it won’t be that easy in the movie sequel. As you can probably tell by pictures of her from her new movie “Let Me In”, young little Chloe Moretz has grown up quite a bit already, and by the time 2011 rolls around, she’ll be a full-fledged young woman at 14. They grow up fast in Hollywood, just ask Dakota Fanning.

Until then, Miller is currently in the middle of “Kick Ass 2” the comic book, and it’s only once Vaughn wraps up “X-Men: First Class” (around April of next year, Millar figures), that the two of them will get together to tackle the “Kick Ass” sequel.

Chloe Moretz in Kick Ass (2010) Movie Image