Mark Millar Says Kick Ass 2 and American Jesus Will Shoot This Summer


Mark MillarLove’em or hate’em, Mark Millar knows how to write comic books. Sometimes those comic books come out as total crap, and other times they’re friggin’ brilliant (his run on “The Ultimates”, for example). The dude is a prolific comic book writer, with two movies already made (“Kick Ass” and “Wanted”) from his comics, and a couple more (or a half dozen more, if Millar is to be believed) on the horizon.

In a long-ranging interview with the DailyRecord, Millar talks about being scared of L.A., trying to fit his beloved Scotland into all of his comics, and updates fans (and haters) on his slew of upcoming (and ongoing) projects.

But perhaps of most interest to fans is the movie adaptations of “Kick Ass 2″ and “American Jesus”. Both films, according to Millar, are shooting “this summer”. That, er, seems highly optimistic, but I suppose it can be done … without original director Matthew Vaughn, who, according to co-writer Jane Goldman, will be skipping the sequel. As for “American Jesus” … who knows.

Jupiter's Children Comic Book CoverMillar also talks up “Supercrooks”, described as “Ocean’s Eleven meets the X-Men”, and seems very high on “Jupiter’s Children”, which he promises will be “the biggest sci-fi franchise since Star Wars, involving superheroes in an intergalactic saga that traverses both space and time.” With that kind of grand thinking, you wonder how it is that Millar is so scared of L.A. It seems like he would fit right in!

And what about “Superior”? Apparently still in the works with a planned 2014 release date. According to Millar, anyway.

There is one project that Millar is working on with Matthew Vaughn that I think could be cool. It’s called “The Secret Service”, and finds the British spy agency MI6 training a London rioter into a disposable suave spy, because Millar is a big ol fan of the James Bond movie. Millar says he’s halfway through the comics on that one, and Vaughn is halfway through the script.

Will any or all of these projects get made? Highly unlikely. Enthusiasm is fine and all, but moviemaking moves at a snail’s pace, especially compared to comics where you can whip out an entire issue in an hour, give it to an artist and let him draw it.

But the big news here? Millar says “Kick Ass 2″ and “American Jesus” will shoot this summer. Highly optimistic? Very much so. Possible? Hey, I didn’t think they could make (and then sell) a “Kick Ass” movie, too, and they did. So there’s that…

The Secret Service Comic Book Cover

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  • Lexavi80

    I just begun The Ultimates, and is pretty good.

    I loved Ultimate X-Men, by the way.

    • Dedpool

      Volumes 1 and 2 of the Ultimates were really good. Volume 3 not so much as they were stting up their big event Ultimatum, which completely changed the status quo of the Ultimate univerese. People died, people switched sides and Fury was an ass! But hey it was good stuff.

  • Juggernaut

    I liked the first two and parts of the third volume. I also read Ultimate Avengers which, for the most part was crap. Although, Frank Castle as a reverse Steve Rogers is a cool idea!