Mark Millar Says Wanted 2 Not D-E-D Dead

Speaking of Jolie, can a “Wanted” sequel happen without her? Sure, but it just wouldn’t be the same, would it? Comic book scribe Mark Millar, who created the “Wanted” universe in comic form before it was translated to the big screen, thinks a sequel is definitely coming, even without Jolie’s skeletal frame. Says Miller to something called STV:

“’Wanted 2′ will be certainly going ahead, because the first one made too much money for them not to do a sequel. What I heard was that there’s filming this year for a release at the end of next year, so the plot that they had will have some modifications now. Her character will have to be written out completely. We’ll see what happens, I don’t know, it changes every day. Again, things get so out of your hands with film because 300 people are involved, whereas with comics it’s just you and your artist.”

Millar cites the film’s commercial success as proof that a sequel is inevitable even without Jolie, and he definitely has a point. Made for $75 million, the film went on to gross $340 million worldwide. Add another $70 million from DVD sales, and “Wanted” was a major hit. Hollywood just doesn’t shelve a sequel because the star won’t come back, especially when a film made as much money as “Wanted” did.

And in any case, they could simply revert Jolie’s character in the movie, The Fox to her original comic book roots. Cast the more appropriate Halle Berry (see the original Fox below) and we got us a sequel, baby!

The comic book version of The Fox was, shall we say, a little bit more tan than Angelina Jolie.