Mark Millar Updates Kick-Ass, War Heroes

Chances are Mark Millar’s latest comic book, “War Heroes”, will never make it as a movie, even if it Hollywood tells him they want to make it into one, and is willing to give him oodles of money to let them try. But according to Millar, that’s not the case with “Kick-Ass”, his latest comic series about a skinny, no-powers high school teenager who decides, “Yeah, why not put on a costume and kick ass as a superhero”? “Layer Cake’s” Matthew Vaughn, who was once attached to “Thor”, will certainly direct the big-screen adaptation of the comics, which is, as I type this, in its third issue. And not just that, but says Millar, filming on “Kick-Ass” will commence “in New York in a couple of months.”

More about “Kick-Ass” from Millar to the Sunday Herald:

Then there’s Kick-Ass, another Millar creation. It was only published in April but it too is being turned into a film, with Matthew Vaughn directing. Millar is keeping tight-lipped about the film’s casting – “It’s two huge names, though. One’s an old actor from the 1970s and one’s a cool, young one” – but says filming begins in New York in a couple of months.

Millar adds this about another never-gonna-happen comic book property that Hollywood is interested in, “War Heroes”:

Finally there’s War Heroes, a new comic to be published later this month. Millar describes it as Full Metal Jacket meets The X-Men and says he’s already had two offers to buy the film rights.

“It’s set a couple of years in the future. John McCain has just won the election and the war in the Gulf is getting bigger, so they give the troops superpower pills. That gets all the young American kids signing up to fight the Iraqis.”

Like I said, “War Heroes” (page from the comic below) will never get made, not in this political climate, regardless of who gets elected Prez of the US.

“Kick-Ass”, on the other hand, will certainly be kick-ass, although how far Vaughn will go with the movie is certainly open to debate. After all, the final few pages of the last issue was, er, pretty graphic. As in, teenage girl with a sword slices a dude open graphic. Ouch.

War Heroes Cover