Mark Millar Wants to Write the Superman Returns Sequel

With the recent news that the original writers of “Superman Returns” have decided (of their own accord!) not to return to scribe the sequel, there’s room for a new writer. One of those people looking to grab a hold of the brass ring is comic book writer Mark Millar, who is most famous for writing the “The Ultimates” line of comic book for Marvel that envisions an Avengers in a parallel universe. Obsessed with Film writes that Millar has posted on his message forum about his desire to get the gig. He wants it so much, in fact, that he says he’ll “write this thing for free.”


“It’s 8.58am right now, my guys at CAA get into the office in about seven hours and my call will be waiting for them to talk about this. I want to revamp Superman like Hillary wants thin ankles. Revamping this franchise is what I as given fingers for and so, invited or not, I’m putting my plan together now. I’ve been asked to work on half a dozen screenplays lately, but this is the only one I have ever truly wanted.

As most here know, I have literally hundreds of pages of notes and sketches just waiting for this opportunity. This would be my dream gig and, as a fan, I know exactly what this project needs to work. This has to be Superman for the 21st Century, keeping everything we adore, but starting from scratch and making the kids love it as much as the 30-somethings. I would honestly write this thing for free.

Anyway, my treatment is being polished as we type. Wish me luck. I want to do that Superman movie we all want to see.”

I don’t have anything against Millar. I think he’s a pretty damn good writer. I love his “Wanted”, for instance (still think Halle Berry would have made a better Fox than Angelina Jolie), but man, everytime I read one of this guy’s comics, basically everything gets blown up to smithereens, which seems to be Millar’s resolution to everything — blow everything up!

Anyhoo. After all the “revision” Superman got last time, I’m not sure if the box office could stomach some more “revisioning”.

Update: 10/24/07:

Mark Millar has posted on his forum that Warner won’t let him write Supes; in fact, they won’t even let him pitch his idea, because he is contracted to work exclusively for Marvel Comics, and Supes is, of course, a DC property. Oh well. Millar would just end up blowing everything up anyway. The dude just likes to blow shit up all the time.

Mark Millar Wants to Write the Superman Returns Sequel