Mark Millar’s Kick Ass is Pretty Kick Ass

Leave it to Mark Millar, the guy behind “Wanted”, a comic book limited series where the bad guys win every time, to make a comic book about a high school kid (with emphasis on kid) who decides one day he’s going to be a superhero. So he makes his own homemade costume, comes up with a kick ass name, and goes out and … promptly gets the crap kicked out of him, stabbed, and then broadsided by a car that keeps going? Yup, that’s the first issue of Mark Millar’s “Kick Ass” comic book, now in its second issue.

Recently, the boys at AICN caught a rumor that Matthew Vaughn of “Layer Cake” and the upcoming “Thor” fame was currently holed up trying to adapt the comics into a movie. Which would seem to be hard to do, the comics being only in its second issue and all.

Here’s what AICN said last month:

And now, if my sources are correct, it looks like Matthew Vaughn (LAYER CAKE, STARDUST) is going to be writing and directing the film version. He’s evidently holed up with Jane Goldman (his writing partner on STARDUST) right now and working hard to get the script right. Considering Millar’s only got the first two issues out at this point, this may turn out to be a case like Edgar Wright and SCOTT PILGRIM, where Vaughn is working directly with Millar, already privy to where the series is headed.

Of course, the problem is that the trades haven’t reported on this yet, so nothing is official, and it’s probably one of those deals where Vaughn read the first “Kick Ass” issue and immediately called Millar up and asked him for permission and there you have it. Or probably not.

In any case, after reading the second issue, I would very much like to see a “Kick Ass” movie. It would be like “Spider-Man”, except there would be no radioactive spiders, no real superpowers, and the dialogue would include the F-world every other sentence. You know, just like in a real high school.

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