Mark Millar’s Nemesis Lands at Fox with Tony Scott Directing

Nemesis Comic BookAs expected, Mark Millar’s latest comic book “Nemesis” is getting the big screen treatment; the title has landed at 20th Century Fox, and Bleeding Cool reports that Tony Scott (“Man on Fire”) has been attached to direct and produce.

Written by Mark Millar (“Kick Ass”, “Wanted”) and drawn by Steven McNiven, the creator-own Marvel comic book didn’t exactly set the comic book world on fire when it finally landed in comic book shops, but that won’t stop Fox from turning it into a movie since the ad campaign practically writes itself:

“From the creator of ‘Kick Ass’ and ‘Wanted’…” etc.

“Nemesis” is the story of Matt Anderson, a billionaire Reverse Bruce Wayne who instead of using his accumulated skills to fight crime, instead uses it to torment and terrorize innocents. Anderson spends his time globe-hopping and killing the top cops of various police departments, before finally setting his sights on Washington D.C.’s top cop, one Blake Morrow, who Anderson blames for the death of his tosser of a dad. The comic book series follows Anderson as he and Morrow do battle, basically one of those, “Who would win if Batman fought Commissioner Gordon?” concepts.

Scott Free, the shingle run by Tony Scott and his brother Ridley, will assign a writer to adapt the comic book.

Nemesis Comic Book