Mark Protosevich Pitches I am Legend Sequel

I hate repeating myself, so here goes: Hollywood is a business, and in a business, if something works, you do it again, and again, and again until it STOPS working. Thus, sequels, prequels, and what have you. The latest news out of Lalaland is that Mark Protosevich, the screenwriter who adapted Richard Matheson’s book “I am Legend” into the movie of the same name (coming out soon and starring Will Smith, in case you haven’t heard), has already pitched an idea for a sequel. The film won’t come out until December, so I’m guessing Mark is just getting ahead of the curve. Or maybe he’s already seen cuts of the movie and thinks it’ll be a hit. Either way, he’s got a sequel ready.

This from the L.A. Times (via):

“There is no word yet on how Protosevich plans to extend the story of lone military scientist Robert Neville’s struggle to survive against a mutant populace. But it’s a good bet that he’s setting it at least 10 years in the future.”

So, er, did they just ruin the movie’s ending by telling me that Robert Neville, aka Will Smith’s character, will survive the end of this movie?


I am Legend Sequel