Mark Strong as Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2?


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Well if you absolutely MUST make Lex Luthor the villain in the already-greenlit and fast-tracked “Man of Steel 2″, I suppose giving British heavy Mark Strong the role isn’t the worst idea I’ve heard.

As always, this is one of those “take it with a grain of salt” type of stories, which involves Strong’s name being the top favorite by “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder to play Lex Luthor in the sequel. The rumor comes courtesy of Cosmic Book News, who quotes unnamed sources for their story.

Lex Luthor Comic BookThe article also notes that Christopher Nolan, who had story-by credit on the first “Man of Steel” along with his producing duties, won’t be nearly as involved the second time around. (No surprise, this, given his duties on his “Interstellar” which is set to shoot very soon.) David Goyer got the scripting duties on not only “Man of Steel 2″, but also “Justice League”, and according to CBM’s source, Nolan sure wouldn’t mind it if Warner let his little brother Jonathan Nolan help Goyer out.

So what do you think? Mark Strong as Lex Luthor? I know it’s one of those “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks” type of story, but I have to admit, the idea of a strong (ahem) actor like Strong playing Luthor is something that is greeted with major approval from me. Strong has always been excellent as the heavy, and this wouldn’t necessarily be the first time he’s menaced a comic book hero — or even a D.C. comic book hero for that matter. He was Sinestro in Warner’s ill-fated “Green Lantern” movie, if you’ll recall.

Again, I would rather NOT have Luthor in “Man of Steel 2″ (I’m frankly not convinced you can do anything with the character that wouldn’t come across as underwhelming after the Kryptonian menace of Zod in the first movie), but if Snyder and company insists on it, Mark Strong is an excellent choice.

One thing’s for sure: with “Man of Steel 2″ fast-tracked and set for 2015 (or at least, that’s the idea), casting for this thing is going to start picking up steam pretty fast.

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  • edge007

    That’s pretty much perfect, isn’t it?

    • Dedpool

      I agree he’d be great in the part, just not sure how’d that work with him being Sinestro in the first GL flick and if DC/WB plans on having that be connected or start all over. I say if they start over then Hugo Weaving or Jason Isaacs for Sinestro, and Mark Strong as Luthor. Another good choice would be Ralph Fienes.

  • Dedpool

    He’d work but he was Sinestro. If they continue the connection to the first GL film how will that work?

    • Juggernaut

      If it is a choice between Strong returning as Sinestro or being Lex in MOS2 I’d pick Lex. He would be great as a genius engineer and billionaire with political ties like @Anubis said below. Then they could recast Hal, bring in Jon Stewart , Guy Gardner or Kyle Rayner and recast Sinestro. I like your choices but Hugo Weaving is most likely not going to do it. Isaacs would be great though. He was actually my choice for Lex. LOL.

      • Dedpool

        Okay will do some shuffling. I would love Weaving as Sinestro, but you’re right probably ain’t happening. I will say Ralph Fienes or Jason Isaacs for Sinestro, with Strong being Luthor. I also think that if they do a new GL movie, as much as I like John Stewart, switching the main character would be a bad idea in the GL flick, in JL sure, go for it, but we’ve established Hal Jordan, to go back now would be the equivalent of having Rhodey be Iron Man in the IM flicks now or something. Not just changing the actor but the character.

        • Juggernaut

          I could see both Isaacs and Fiennes as Sinestro. I know that we’ve discussed the idea of a Justice League movie being made without stand alone films to set up the other members of the team before and while I do think that it is possible it will also be extremely difficult to do right.

          That being said, I really liked the idea that I read on another site that suggested a solo film for Wonder Woman and Flash in 2014 with reboots or sequels for Batman and Green Lantern to follow in 2015.

          Obviosly that poses more questions. Will Bale and Reynolds be returning to the respective roles or will they decide to recast the iconic members of the super team?

          Probably not considering Bale and Nolan’s insistance that 2012’s mega hit TDKR would in fact be the last time that they would betackling the caped crusader and after the dissapointing performance of the GL movie in 2011 the studio will most likely want to put that catastrophe behind them.

          Will they decide to recast those roles with different actors like the did for the Hulk?

          That is a serious possibility. In my opinion Armie Hammer and Eric Bana would be great picks for Batman while Bradley Cooper and Taylor Kitsch would be a good fit for Hal.

          And for GL will they decide to introduce one of the other Earthbound members like John Stewart or Kyle Rayner to represent the corp?

          I could see Boris Kodjoe, Omari Hardwick or your pick Morris Chestnut for John Stewart. Steven Strait, Taylor Lautner, Logan Lerman or Tyler Hoechlin would make a good Kyle.

          Personally, I’d prefer Bruce as Batman (obviously) and rather they used Hal as Green Lantern.

          Now on to some speculation about Lex’s role and speculation. I’d love to see him find the Kryptonian armor that Zod discarded on the rooftop and the destroyed world engine from the finale of MOS. That would be a really cool way to incorporate the super suit and Braniac Ship/ legion of doom from the comics.

  • Anubis

    They need to make Luthor like a mix between an evil version of Tony Stark and Dick Cheany. I think that would resonate more than just your Gene Hackman get rich scheme version. I also think they should introduce him in the second movie but he shouldn’t be the main villan. It should be someone like Metallo or Parasite thats one of Luthors projects he’s been contracted by the military to combat the alien menace that is Superman. I like the pick of Strong as well but he embodied Sinestro so well. He was one of the pluses to the Green Lantern Movie. Any big confrontation with Luthor should be saved for a third movie.

  • Laer Carroll

    Mark Strong is good at whatever he does. But couldn’t we have a totally new villain for Superman to fight instead of those tired old retreads from the comics? Where’s the originality?

    • Juggernaut

      I wouldn’t say a villain created expressly for the film but a villain that has never been done on screen before would be cool.