Mark Strong as Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2?

Mark Strong in Robin Hood (2010) Movie Image

Well if you absolutely MUST make Lex Luthor the villain in the already-greenlit and fast-tracked “Man of Steel 2”, I suppose giving British heavy Mark Strong the role isn’t the worst idea I’ve heard.

As always, this is one of those “take it with a grain of salt” type of stories, which involves Strong’s name being the top favorite by “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder to play Lex Luthor in the sequel. The rumor comes courtesy of Cosmic Book News, who quotes unnamed sources for their story.

Lex Luthor Comic BookThe article also notes that Christopher Nolan, who had story-by credit on the first “Man of Steel” along with his producing duties, won’t be nearly as involved the second time around. (No surprise, this, given his duties on his “Interstellar” which is set to shoot very soon.) David Goyer got the scripting duties on not only “Man of Steel 2”, but also “Justice League”, and according to CBM’s source, Nolan sure wouldn’t mind it if Warner let his little brother Jonathan Nolan help Goyer out.

So what do you think? Mark Strong as Lex Luthor? I know it’s one of those “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks” type of story, but I have to admit, the idea of a strong (ahem) actor like Strong playing Luthor is something that is greeted with major approval from me. Strong has always been excellent as the heavy, and this wouldn’t necessarily be the first time he’s menaced a comic book hero — or even a D.C. comic book hero for that matter. He was Sinestro in Warner’s ill-fated “Green Lantern” movie, if you’ll recall.

Again, I would rather NOT have Luthor in “Man of Steel 2” (I’m frankly not convinced you can do anything with the character that wouldn’t come across as underwhelming after the Kryptonian menace of Zod in the first movie), but if Snyder and company insists on it, Mark Strong is an excellent choice.

One thing’s for sure: with “Man of Steel 2” fast-tracked and set for 2015 (or at least, that’s the idea), casting for this thing is going to start picking up steam pretty fast.