Mark Strong Reveals the Ending of Sherlock Holmes

Mark Strong wouldn’t have survived the age of “loose lips sink ships”. Mind you, as a movie blogger, not that I mind the guy’s inability to censor himself. He told us Cate Blanchett was going to be Maid Marion in “Robin hood” weeks before the official announcement, and now he’s told us the ending for Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes”.

Strong, who plays the villain Lord Blackwood in Ritchie’s version of “Sherlock Holmes” (a character described as “an occult-dabbling Satanist” — really, are there any other kind?), told TotalFilm how the movie ends, but since that article has since been pulled, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Warner Bros. is not happy with having the ending of “Sherlock Holmes” be spread around the net. Of course, they’ll soon realize that stopping something that has already appeared online is next to impossible, but just don’t tell them that. It’s so cute how movie studios still think they can stop the flow of information on the Interwebs. Silly rabbits.

You can find out how “Sherlock Holmes” ends over at Filmonic. I’m sure that as more people start to link to Filmonic, Warner Bros. will be going after them to pull the article. But for now, it’s still there.

If Filmonic’s article gets pulled, there’s an excerpt with the ending over at It’ll show up in more places as the day progress.

Below: “Pssst. You wanna know how our movie ends? Check out the Interwebs, man!”