Mark Valley and John Barrowman on Captain America

Ah, the Star-Spangled Banner Avenger. Finding an actor to play him is going to take some doing on Marvel Studios’ part. They’re either going to go with a well-known name to blunt the “America” part when they’re selling it overseas, or they’re going to go the completely unknown route as they recently did with “Thor”. Two names do keep coming up for the role, though: Mark Valley and John Barrowman (of Torchwood fame, in case you don’t know). What’s the word on both men and the role?

According to Barrowman, he still wants to do the role, but seems to concede that it’s never going to happen. During the Torchwood panel at Comic-Con over the weekend, Barrowman said this (via CBM):

“You know what I want to play? Captain America,” Barrowman proclaimed to the wildly receptive crowd, before adding that it “so won’t happen.”

He’s right. Marvel isn’t nearly socially forward-thinking enough, or politically-driven enough to cast an openly gay actor in the role of America’s biggest superhero icon. If “Captain America” was being made by one of your usual Hollywood studios, I’m inclined to believe it could happen, because frankly, Barrowman would be awesome in the role. He doesn’t just look the part, he could play the heck out of it.

But Marvel Studios is its own animal, so yeah, as Barrowman says, probably “so won’t happen”.

Over at Mark Valley land, the Human Target star was informed by the LA Times that he recently topped an online poll asking fans who they want to play Captain America. Valley sounded pleased, made a quick joke about it, but didn’t seem all that enthused about slipping on the tights and slinging the shield.

We’ll see, maybe I’ll be too busy with “Human Target.” But you never know how these things go…

I personally think Valley is too old for the role. Remember, this is a franchise character that will begin when Steve Rogers is just a skinny kid trying to enlist in the Army, and Valley is already 45. Also, even though he’s got the square jaw heroic face down, I think he might be a tad too “blocky” looking for Captain America.

Heck, if Marvel sticks to their very, very oddball hiring choices of late (Kenneth Branagh to direct “Thor”!), expect a name that’s totally out of left field to play Steve Rogers.

In any case, consider your daily quotient of Captain America casting rumors filled.

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