Mark Wahlberg as the Crow in Reboot?

That’s an affirmative, according to the ghouls at Bloody-Disgusting, who quotes unnamed sources as saying that Relativity Media has offered the lead role in their upcoming Stephen Norrington reboot of “The Crow” to Mark Wahlberg, a role that Brandon Lee originally starred in (and infamously died in during filming) back in 1994.

Of course, at this point that’s all it is — an offer has been made to Wahlberg to take the leading role in the remake. No word if he’ll say Yes or No.

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really care who plays the lead in this thing. Remaking Alex Proyas’ original is already a terrible idea. I don’t know why they don’t just make another shitty (and carbon copy) sequel and put it out on DVD like they did with the last two installments in the series. Obviously there’s no “art” associated with this thing anymore. It’s just a cheapie cash run by the producers, so does it really matter who plays the Crow?