Mark Wahlberg Confirms Two More The Fighter Sequels

If you were one of those people who thought the possibility of a sequel to David O. Russell’s real-life story “The Fighter” was a big joke, then oh boy, is the joke on you. Mark Wahlberg has officially confirmed that the sequel is very much on, and did it in person at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards while accepting a win for “The Fighter”, no less.

In fact, according to Wahlberg, it won’t just be a sequel to “The Fighter”, it’ll be sequels, as in, plural, with two more on the way. A trilogy. Check out his speech below. Warning, it’s a tad saucy. As in, he throws a couple of F-bombs during the acceptance speech.

Spike’s Guys Choice Awards airs on June 10 at 9/8c on Spike. More previews of winners and appearances can be found over at Spike’s site. Yes, they’re already telling you who won before the show even airs. I guess that pretty much tells you how seriously they’re taking this, in the words of Mark Wahlberg, mother-effer.

Mark Wahlberg Thanks The Troops, Talks “The Fighter 2” Plans
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