Mark Wahlberg is a Cocaine Cowboy

For a guy of, shall we say, questionable talent, Mark Wahlberg sure works a lot in Hollywood. He’s got three films lined up for 2008: M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening”, Aaronofsky’s “The Fighter”, and Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones”. Now he can add Peter Berg’s “Cocaine Cowboy” to that ever expanding list of movies he’ll be headlining.


Paramount has set Mark Wahlberg to star in and Peter Berg to direct an untitled film based on the life of international drug dealer Jon Roberts, whose rise and fall was chronicled in the documentary “Cocaine Cowboys.”

After returning from Vietnam as a decorated soldier, Roberts headed to Miami in the late ’70s and formed a relationship with the Medellin drug cartel, distributing cocaine worth billions of dollars. Wahlberg will play Roberts, who was turned in by a cohort and served a decade in jail for his crimes.

This continues Hollywood’s insatiable appetite for movies about drug dealers. There are already Pablo movies scheduled alongside “Cocaine Cowboy” for the coming year and change.

The real Jon Roberts
Mark Wahlberg is a Cocaine Cowboy for Peter Berg