Mark Wahlberg Says He Actually Acted in Max Payne

According to Mark Wahlberg, his role in “Max Payne” is one of the most draining, emotionally charged role he’s ever had to play onscreen. To date. Yup, even more so than he did on “The Departed” or “Boogie Nights”. That’s saying something, considering Mark went from an Oscar-nominated role in “The Departed” to being universally derided in the recent “The Happening”. But “Max Payne” would seem to be more in Wahlberg’s bailiwick — a movie about a guy with a gun who likes to shoot said gun at people trying to shoot him.

Wahlberg tells MTV:

“Two weeks out I was just dying… I wanted my life back.

I read the script and said either somebody got really creative or it’s actually more like a movie than most games…

Max Payne is not a one-trick pony. It’s probably one of the edgier roles I’ve played but also the most layered. Here’s a very happy guy who worked a dismal job, had a beautiful family. But the beauty in his life was taken away. He just goes on a rampage. It’s all driven by emotion.”

John Moore directs and Mila Kunis (pictured, below) co-stars as Mona Sax, an assassin who teams up with Payne to take down the bad guys.

Get some Payne October 17.

Mila Kunis