Mark Wahlberg to Star in Max Payne Movie

How ironic is this? Variety reports that Mark Wahlberg is currently in negotiations to star in the live-action movie version of the popular third-person shooter Max Payne. I say ironic because the game was heavily inspired by the movies of John Woo, and wouldn’t it just be the height of irony if they got Woo to direct this thing? But of course, that’ll probably not happen, even though if it did — well, it would be great. Instead, John Moore (“Behind Enemy Lines”) will be taking the helm. Wahlberg, who has grown into an action movie star lately, with “Shooter” being probably his most “action movie star” role to date, would kill as the titular Max Payne.

More about the game:

The story centers on a DEA agent named Max Payne who is framed for the murder of a fellow agent and finds himself in the middle of a mob war, which gives him a chance to avenge the Mafia slayings of his wife and child.

The game is known for its “bullet-time effect”, where you can literally slow down time as you hop to and fro shooting (two-fisted, of course) at bad guys. It’s actually a very entertaining game, and if you’ve already played them, then you’re asking the same question I am: Who is gonna play Mona?

May I recommend … Famke Janssen? Or maybe a brunette Charlize Theron would work.

Mark Wahlberg to Star in Max Payne Movie